Fraser Valley Quartet

Tim Lovelace

As a Grammy and Dove nominated artist, this nationally sought after storyteller and musician has been described as the most versatile comedian on stage today. His award-winning musical talents, coupled with his crystal clean humor, have people of all ages laughing their ribs loose!

With over three decades of world travel under his performance belt, he has developed his concerts into more than just a great show. He uses humor to motivate and inspire by uniquely delivering life lessons. He also has an extraordinary way of weaving songs into his stage performance as he masterfully displays his musical abilities on piano, guitar and harmonica.


Keepers of the Faith

Keepers of the Faith is probably the most diverse Southern Gospel Quartet you'll ever meet. That diversity is very evident in their unique style. Keepers of the Faith bring the deep south island flavor, a taste of oldie but goody, and the soul of saved men to the genre of Southern Gospel Quartet Music.

The Taito Family

The Taito Family

The Taito Family has dedicated their lives in Service to Jesus Christ and what being a Christian is all about. We have decided to share our Talents and Gifts and especially the Redeeming Power that comes from falling in Love with Jesus Christ. We look forward for the opportunity to share what Jesus Christ has done in our lives to you. God bless.


Kevin Mills

Born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1985 to the son of a traveling evangelist, Kevin grew up with his family while traveling/touring churches across North America. His first appearance on stage was at the age of 8, and over the next 15 years Kevin would open for his father as a soloist at countless evangelistic meetings and crusades.

Since then Kevin has toured extensively in the United States, Canada and Overseas. Kevin also continues to work extensively within the music, radio, and voice-over industry. Kevin is currently represented by Song Garden Music Group/Grapevine Records of Nashville. This is the same label that represents such musical greats as the Chuck Wagon Gang, Dixie Melody Boys, Jimmy Fortune (from the Statler Brothers) and more.


Evergreen 3

Evergreen 3 is comprised of dedicated Christians whose desire is to serve Jesus Christ through the ministry of music. They specialize in Southern Gospel music, and blend timeless hymns of old with some of the newest songs written today. Woven throughout the songs are Bible verses, personal testimonies, and inspirational stories that enhance the message of the music. Although Evergreen 3 hopes that you are thoroughly entertained by their performance, their purpose is not so much to entertain as it is to encourage Christians in their spiritual walk and to introduce unbelievers to Christ.